Just Start!

As I sit here and start to type out the words for this first blog post, I think about what it took to get here. The countless days of figuring out what to say, how to say it, and what others will think, start to add up. Will people like what I have to say or will people even care? I contemplate these thoughts over and over and break down every minor detail but really, none of it matters. I call it paralysis by analysis, in that the more you think, the less you do. Soon you are thinking about perfecting something or protecting something that doesn’t even exist. So what got me over the hurdle? Starting!! No matter how small or big a task is, starting is the most important part.

Once you start, you are now in control. There is no failure from this point on only feedback. And the more feedback or practice you get, the better you will become. The old saying is you miss 100% of the shots you don’t take, and I’ll add that with each shot you do take you learn something new (good or bad). Talking with friends, family, and clients, I was always preaching this message but giving myself the free pass. It wasn’t until I was faced with my own set of scary, exciting, nerve-racking ideas that I truly understood. I had to be real with myself and ask which was greater, my fear or my faith in these ideas? In the end, my passion for helping people, solving problems, being creative, and learning burns far more than any fear associated with failure or judgement. So my challenge to you is to strike while the iron (passion) is hot, with whatever ideas burn inside of you, and see what happens. You never know until you start.

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