Motivation Versus Action

Motivation or action which comes first? Most people believe that they need motivation from something or someone to take action. Whether it’s starting a workout program, losing weight, or reading more, people often wait to be motivated or seek out the perfect scenario before they can get started. The problem with this is that motivation is often external, short-lived, and unreliable. It won’t always be there to save the day. This is why action should come first and thus be the driver of motivation. No matter how big or small the action is, this must be the first step toward achieving any goal. Through action, you become the orchestrator of your own motivation which ultimately leads to better outcomes and more action. It’s about seeking less externally and exploring more internally. Taking action is something you control no matter what the circumstance. With more action, comes more motivation, so fuel this feedback loop with continuous action and watch your drive grow. 

Do you have a goal you want to achieve? Here are some simple strategies to get started with your goal:

Start Small: Break your goal down into smaller digestible components.

Know Your Why: Keep the goal in mind and why you want to achieve it.

Be Flexible: There will be ups and downs but always be adaptable.

Be Consistent: Show up every day no matter what. 

Build Routines: Set yourself up for success by having a plan.

The bottom line is that action should always precede motivation. Don’t wait for motivation to find you, take action and create your own motivation. 

“It’s easier to act yourself into a better way of feeling than it is to feel yourself into a better way of acting.” – Harry Sullivan

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