All Things Recovery

Recovery is an essential yet often overlooked component when it comes to health and wellness. Whether it’s a good night’s sleep, proper nutrition, or adequate hydration, recovery should be at the forefront of any health or fitness program. It can be recovering from a workout or recovering from the work day. It’s important to understand …

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Motivation Versus Action

Motivation or action which comes first? Most people believe that they need motivation from something or someone to take action. Whether it’s starting a workout program, losing weight, or reading more, people often wait to be motivated or seek out the perfect scenario before they can get started. The problem with this is that motivation …

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Just Start!

As I sit here and start to type out the words for this first blog post, I think about what it took to get here. The countless days of figuring out what to say, how to say it, and what others will think, start to add up. Will people like what I have to say …

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