Welcome to the latest edition of The Vitality Newsletter. This week I wanted to take some time to define ‘vitality’ in the context of health and wellness. Additionally, I want to unpack each of The Core Four pillars of health and wellness along with the key topics that make up each pillar. Understanding and defining ‘vitality’ can make it easier to obtain it in your own life. For starters, there are two different definitions of vitality that both resonate when it comes to our well-being. The first is “the state of being strong and active; energy.” The second is “the power giving continuance of life, present in all living things.” In life, strength and energy can take several different forms but having both in abundance is generally positive. We can be strong physically, mentally, and emotionally as well as be active across different realms. The more energy we have the more we can use it, transfer it to others, and take on whatever life throws at us. This energy or power that gives continuance of life is present in all of us and is obtained through healthy living. How we move, eat, recover, and ultimately live determines our level of vitality. Energy is the currency of life allowing us to do and be more.

The Core Four pillars of health and wellness are the critical areas that help us build, preserve, and channel our energy. Our Movement, Nutrition, Recovery, and Lifestyle habits form the building blocks for vitality. Below we define and go over each of these essential components so you can work towards optimizing each pillar. When we are strong, active, and full of energy we can lead a happy and healthy life for ourselves as well as help to do the same for those around us. What does vitality mean to you?   


  • Define Movement: The act or process of moving.
  • Goal: Understand the structures of the human body as well as how you move, so you can assess, select, and perform movement optimally to prevent injury, improve health, and boost performance.
  • Key Topics: Anatomy and Physiology, Movement Assessments, Types of Exercise, Exercise Prescription, Injury Prevention, Energy Expenditure, and Athletic Performance.


  • Define Nutrition: The process of providing or obtaining the food necessary for health and growth.
  • Goal: Understand the foods and nutrients you eat or drink, how the body uses them, and how they can impact health, disease, and performance so you can make the most informed decisions for your health and well-being.
  • Key Topics: Digestion, Absorption, Metabolism, Macronutrients, Micronutrients, Energy Balance, Hydration, Supplementation, Gut Microbiome, Personalized Nutrition, Dieting, and Nutrition Tracking.


  • Define Recovery: A return to a normal state of health, mind, or strength.
  • Goal: Understand the body’s mechanisms for homeostasis as well as allostasis, so you can boost your body’s ability to adapt and return to a balanced or enhanced state of mind, health, and strength.
  • Key Topics: Homeostasis, Allostasis, Sleep, Breathing, Immunity, Light, Temperature (Heat/Cold Exposure), and Recovery Indicators/Measurement.


  • Define Lifestyle: How a person or group lives.
  • Goal: Understand the key factors that can influence the way you live, so you can reduce unwanted stress and master your environment, behavior, and mindset to maximize your potential.
  • Key Topics: Stress, Mindset, Mindfulness, Motivation/Drive, Happiness/Joy, Emotions/Emotional Intelligence, Productivity, Habits/Goals, and Environment.

Understanding and defining vitality along with each of The Core Four and their corresponding topics was the ultimate objective of my first book The Vitality System. Stay tuned for the release in the coming weeks! 

Book Recommendation

Discipline is Destiny by Ryan Holiday 

Podcast Recommendation

The Model Health Show with Shawn Stevenson 

Things I'm Trying

Most Important Things – This month I have identified the three most important things I want to accomplish each day on the night before. This helps me stay focused and clear on what I want or need to achieve each day while avoiding distractions. 

Kyle’s Quote Of The Week

“If you know more you can do more, if you do more and you can be more, for yourself and others.”