Last Newsletter, in the first part of “Unlocking Consistency,” we defined the word consistency to get a sense of its many meanings. That knowledge can help you start to wrap your head around what it will take to act consistently in pursuit of your goals. But just as there are many ways to understand what consistency means, there are also many ways that we can fall short and fail to embody those ideas. With the second part of the series, we will uncover some pitfalls that add an “in” in front of consistency and offer advice on how to dig yourself out of that hole or sidestep certain inconsistency traps entirely. Nobody’s perfect, so there’s a decent chance you may recognize some of your past or current behavior reflected here. It’s okay! The most important thing to remember is that inconsistency isn’t a character flaw or a fixed state. Often, it’s just a product of poor planning or an unhelpful frame of mind. And as you’ll soon see, a few subtle tweaks to your approach or your mindset can be all it takes to cultivate sustainable health and wellness habits you can be proud of. Below we highlight some common reasons people fall short when it comes to consistency. For more on how to avoid the inputs of inconsistency, check out my article for the Future blog.–P79GDbIeN  


Walk It Out


80/20 Method

  • You can adjust percentages based on your lifestyle, e.g., 90:10 or 70:30.
  • This flexibility helps you avoid binging, satisfies cravings, and accounts for other random occasions (travel, social events, work events, etc.).
  • This method involves eating healthier foods, making sound nutritional choices 80% of the time, and being flexible with the other 20% of the time.


Potential Dangers of Too Much or Too Little Sunlight

  • Skin damage (too much sunlight can cause sunburn, rashes, and skin cancer)
  • SAD and Mood Disruption (too little sunlight, seasonal affect disorder, and other mood disorders)
  • DNA damage (too much direct sunlight can negatively impact cellular functioning)
  • Eye damage (too much direct sunlight to the eyes can damage your retina)
  • Immune system suppression (too much and too little sunlight)
  • Dehydration and heat stroke (too much sunlight)

Aim for at least 10-30 minutes of sunlight a day and find what works best for you! 


Why People Fail to Stay Consistent 

  • Impatience – Don’t expect results from work you didn’t do. Success rarely comes overnight, so set realistic expectations and keep showing up. 
  • Instant Gratification – When trying to stay consistent, we must think in terms of sustainability instead of immediate results. Sometimes consistency involves denying immediate pleasures and enduring hard work for more significant rewards in the future.
  • Lack of Direction, Clarity, and Focus – Not knowing what you want to achieve or why you want to achieve it can be a surefire way to fall off. Develop flexible goals and attach meaning to your pursuits.
  • Doing too much too soon or thinking “all or nothing” – Switch out “all or nothing” for “always something” and start small to build your way up when starting a new behavior.  
  • Lack of Support – Starting something new on your own and sticking to it can take time and effort. Find an accountability partner or build a support community to help you stick with it.
  • Poor Environment or Influences – You can’t “out will” a bad environment. The people, places, things, and information around you can profoundly influence your success or failure in staying consistent.
  • Negative Habits or Mindset – Your mind is your most powerful tool. Truly believing you can do something consistently has tangible benefits psychologically and physiologically.

Book Recommendation

The Science and Technology of Growing Young by Sergey Young

Podcast Recommendation

The Huberman Lab podcast episode 94: Fitness Toolkit – Protocols & Tools to Optimize Physical Health

Things I'm Trying

Pre-Bed Breathwork – Before going to sleep (while in bed), I try to practice quick breathwork. Usually, I stick with box breathing, extended exhalations, and focused nasal breathing. This helps calm me down and fall asleep each night.

Kyle’s Quote Of The Week

“Drain negativity and gain positivity if you want to succeed.”