The holidays bring lots of joy, tradition, and camaraderie to people, their families, and their communities. While people usually use this time to come together with others, they mustn’t let their health and wellness fall apart. The travel, the family visiting, the routine shifts, the food, and the traditions, can all shake up your day-to-day habits. Knowing this, we can plan and adjust our behaviors and approach as needed. This doesn’t mean starving yourself or avoiding the things you love; it means doing what you can to set yourself up for success and not letting unhealthy choices compound or linger. It can be as simple as upping your activity levels in anticipation of a big meal or getting adequate rest leading to a night where you know you’ll stay up late. Below we provide a quick tip guide that you can adapt and use to navigate habits around movement, nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle. Put your own spin on these based on your goals and remember what’s important. The holidays are an amazing time for us, our friends, and our families, but it doesn’t have to be when your health takes a back seat. When we plan and prioritize our health and wellness, we can truly enjoy all of the wonderful things the holiday season has to offer.


Holiday Season: Movement Quick Tips

  • Add in walks after big meals 
  • Get your exercise in early before the festivities 
  • Plan for schedule changes and adjust exercise and activity accordingly 
  • Adapt to your environment (bodyweight workouts, runs, and walks require no equipment)


Holiday Season: Nutrition Quick Tips

  • Treat yourself but don’t overindulge unnecessarily 
  • Up your water intake 
  • Don’t let unhealthy choices compound 
  • Add in healthy food choices when appropriate


Holiday Season: Recovery Quick Tips 

  • Try to get 7-9 hours of sleep most nights
  • Get 15-30 minutes of sunlight per day (or natural light) 
  • Try to sneak in naps, meditation, or breathwork as needed 
  • Help support your immune system (bundle up, wash your hands, prioritize sleep, and get vitamin c, ginger, turmeric, etc.)


Holiday Season: Lifestyle Quick Tips 

  • Plan out your holiday and personal to-do’s each week
  • Express gratitude to loved ones 
  • Read with family or do a mini book club 
  • Don’t sweat the small stuff and enjoy your time with family and friends 

Book Recommendation

Exercised Daniel E. Liberman 

Podcast Recommendation

Huberman Lab Podcast Episode 97 with Dr. Layne Norton 

Things I'm Trying

 5 Minute Daily Meditations – I’ve been trying to get at least 5 minutes of meditation practice each day. By breaking it down into small time chunks, I’ve stayed consistent and found pockets to practice each day. Meditations can help me with various things, from focus to relaxation to sleep. 

Kyle’s Quote Of The Week

“Remember for the holidays that the best gift you can give to your friends and family is a healthy you.”