Today I wanted to keep it brief and share five quotes that can help you wherever you are on your health and wellness journey. These are followed up by some of my favorite quotes on movement, nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle. Don’t just read or reflect on these quotes. If one or more of these quotes resonate with you, find ways to apply them in your life. Progress comes from taking action, not just thinking about taking action. 


“An inch of movement towards your goal will get you closer than a mile of intention.” – Steve Maraboli


“Optimum nutrition is the medicine of tomorrow.” – Dr. Linus Pauling


“Recovery is an everyday job that deserves time, energy, and attention.” – Kyle Gonzalez


“A lifestyle change starts with a vision and a single step.” – Jeff Galloway

Book Recommendation

The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday 

Podcast Recommendation

The Tony Robbins Podcast

Things I'm Trying

Sunday Track Days: Every Sunday, I go to a local track to do some track-inspired workouts. It has been great to change up my training environment and get outside.  

Kyle’s Quote Of The Week

“Be clear about where you are going but flexible about how you get there.”