This is Part 3 of our ongoing Unlocking Consistency series. In Part 1, we took a closer look at the meaning of consistency. Part 2 looked at the causes of inconsistency and explored the crucial first step: how to turn a goal or an idea into action. Now, it’s time to see how you can make it easier to turn a single action into a consistent, beneficial habit by setting yourself up for success. The challenge of repeating an action until it becomes a habit can be a bit of a slog, especially as the novelty wears off and the signs of progress become less obvious. Life’s other responsibilities complicate your schedule. But just as we’ve already covered some things that make it harder to be consistent, there are plenty of ways to make it easier to turn an action into a consistent habit. The first is about creating the environments and processes that make repeating a healthy habit you want to adopt easier. The second is about adopting a frame of mind to keep things moving in the right direction no matter what setbacks or successes you may encounter. Together, these steps can help you create a set of external conditions that minimize your likelihood of encountering obstacles while shifting your internal thinking to persevere whenever setbacks or snags happen — which is an inevitable part of the process. With that in mind, check out the article below, which highlights eight ways to simplify the process of repeating the right actions, making it that much easier to build up the momentum that can propel you toward your goals. 

Unlocking Consistency Part 3: Find the right way to repetition


Take a Stretch Break

  • Try to avoid sitting for more than an hour at a time
  • Take stretch breaks throughout the day to stand up and move your limbs
  • Develop a 3-5 exercise stretch routine to do for 5 minutes when you need a break


Common Nutritional Deficiencies 

  • Vitamins – Vitamin D, vitamin B12, vitamin A, vitamin C, vitamin B9 (folic acid), vitamin B6 (pyridoxine)
  • Minerals – Iron, iodine, calcium, magnesium, potassium, iron, zinc
  • Enzymes – Proteases, lipases, carbohydrases  
  • Probiotics – Lactobacillus and bifidobacterium 
  • Essential fatty acids – Omega-3s
  • Protein

Consult with a professional or get your blood analyzed to check for deficiencies in crucial nutrients.


Sleep On It 

  • When you learn something new, the best way to remember it is to sleep on it. Sleeping helps strengthen and consolidate memories you’ve formed throughout the day. It also helps to link new memories to older ones. Sleeping can even help you come up with new and creative ideas. So if you want to remember something, sleep on it.


Consistency = Action X Repetition (How to Stay Consistent)

  • Create the right environment: The people, places, things, and information around you have a profound influence on your consistency. Choose wisely. 
  • Control what you can: Focus on effort, not outcomes, and keep your “why” in mind throughout your journey. 
  • Plan ahead and identify potential roadblocks and obstacles: Failing to plan is a plan to fail, so make sure you have an idea of what lies ahead for you. 
  • Build your willpower muscle: Challenge yourself, do hard things, and resist impulses. Willpower is a muscle that we must strengthen.
  • Prioritize progress over perfection: Persistence and perseverance are the name of the game.
  • Have a short memory with setbacks: Fail fast and fail forward. Understand that failure is inevitable. Learn from it, then move back to action. 
  • Reward yourself: Intermittently and appropriately. Celebrate successes but don’t undermine your progress. 

Book Recommendation

The New Health Rules by Frank Lipman and Danielle Claro 

Podcast Recommendation

ReThinking with Adam Grant (Episode with Atul Gawande)

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