The Breakdown

Develop a baseline understanding of health, determine your “why” and establish goals, try out new ideas and evaluate your journey.

Foundational Knowledge

Understanding the baseline information necessary to navigate your path to change. Becoming knowledgeable about the human body and an expert on your own body. Laying the foundation for the “Core Four” pillars of health and wellness of movement, nutrition, recovery, and lifestyle.

Strategic Planning

Defining your “why” and creating your vision of optimal health and wellness. Understanding where you are now and where you want to go. Identify potential obstacles and build a flexible plan that is realistic, measurable, and specifically designed for you and your goals.


Test different evidence based strategies to optimize your health and wellness. Collect information on the successes and failures of the various strategies. Step out of your comfort zone and be curious. 

Implement and Execute

Set yourself up for success by creating a conducive environment for change. Take daily actions toward your health and wellness goals and continue to document successes and failures. Stay consistent and challenge yourself when necessary. Use your support system, focus on habits over outcomes, and enjoy the process.


Continuously assess your progress throughout your journey. Create tight feedback loops so you can learn from mistakes. Adapt as you learn and make the necessary changes to enhance your health and wellness.

Education. Exploration. Experimentation. Execution. Evolution.

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