Understand the structures of the human body and how we move, to prevent injury and optimize your health, fitness, and performance.


In this system, we start with exploring the many different structures that make up the human body. Then we dive into how the human body moves so we can better understand how to move properly in everyday life and during exercise. We look at everything from basic anatomy, to movement assessments and foundational movement patterns to help you understand, see, and feel what healthy movement is.


Injury prevention is another area that we cover because of its extreme importance at every stage of life. Understanding the preventative and corrective measures we can take to ensure the body is ready to move is crucial for staying healthy. These measures include all types of stretching, mobility work, postural restoration, and more.


Finally, we dive into how to put it all together so you can live, exercise, and perform optimally. This requires an understanding of the many types of exercise and the wealth of benefits from healthy movement. Humans are designed to move, so why not do it well and do it often.

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