Vitality ConCepts

Structures, strategies, and frameworks that help guide people through their journey to optimize health, wellness, and performance.

Execution Strategies

3p MEthod

A versatile process that can be used when building a habit, setting a goal, or accomplishing anything in life for yourself or with others.

Self Exploration approach

A strategy that empowers people to explore, discover, and experiment in their health and wellness journey to find what works best for them.

Impulse Resistance Training

Strengthening willpower and self-discipline by repeatedly and deliberately resisting urges to do unwanted behaviors.

Mental Frameworks

Active Open Mindedness Practices

Different techniques to tactfully integrate new information into your current set of beliefs and become more receptive to changes in your existing beliefs (based on the strength of evidence) so you can learn, solve problems, and embrace challenges.

Context dependent analysis

Evaluating and adjusting your behavior based on the situation to ensure that you are making the best decision at that specific moment for your overall health and wellness.

Comfortability Continuum

Understanding the correct balance of getting out of your comfort zone and sticking with what you know so you can drive behavior change, know your limits, and become more resilient.

Landscape Assessments

OKR (objectives and key results)

A goal setting system for you to define measurable and meaningful goals and track their outcomes.


A model that helps you identify and define the factors that influence your behavior. 

Why Prompts

A set of questions and strategies to help you figure out your why and define your vision for optimal health and wellness.

Path Evolution

A unique way to analyze your health and wellness journey so you can continuously learn, adapt, and evolve over time.

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