In fitness, and in most things, the difference between success and failure comes down to consistency. Consistency in discipline. Consistency in your effort. Consistency is your habits. Whether you are starting a workout regime or trying a new diet, consistency is the key to achieving success. As simple as it might seem, consistency can be particularly elusive for most people when it comes to their health and wellness. Many strive to be consistent in fitness and in other areas of life but fall short in the day to day execution. Each year come January, millions of people set out to achieve their new year’s resolutions with a high percentage of those being related to health and fitness and by the second week in February over 80% of people have dropped off or quit. We are in a consistency conundrum. We know what we need to do, the intent is there, but we don’t know how to do it…consistently. So why do we seem to struggle so much with consistency? What does it even mean to be consistent? And most importantly how can you stay consistent in your pursuits? These are the questions I explore in my ongoing series called “Unlocking Consistency” (published through Future’s blog), where I give you all the keys to building healthy and sustainable habits. Check out the first part below where we start by defining consistency. 

Unlocking Consistency Part 1: Defining Consistency 


Just Move

  • You don’t need a reason to get movement in
  • You don’t need to be exercising for movement to be beneficial 
  • You don’t need to have the perfect workout or program to get movement in
  • You don’t need to go all out for it to count 
  • You don’t need special equipment or perfect conditions 
  • The list goes on!
    Just move and move often!


Subtraction by Addition?

  • Often called “crowding out” this strategy is carried out by adding healthy foods into your diet to crowd out the less healthy foods
  • Removing things from your diet can be more difficult to sustain as compared to adding things in
  • Removal can have a negative connotation  
  • Try emphasizing the healthier options instead of demonizing the unhealthy options


Morning Recovery Routine (first hour after waking up)

  • No Phone 
  • Meditation/Breathwork 
  • Hydrate (at least 8oz of water, bonus if you can get electrolytes as well)
  • Movement (walk, stretch, workout)
  • Sunlight (at least 2 minutes of sunlight or just natural light) 

Take on the day!


Turn Ideas into Actions

  • Identify a behavior or habit you want to be consistent with- Attach purpose, meaning, and identity to this behavior. Write it down, think it through, be specific.  
  • Break it down- Think about what you would need to do to sustain this behavior. Break it down into digestible chunks that you can consistently take action on. Start small.
  • Make a commitment- Commit to yourself first. Prioritize your behavior and eliminate doubts. For an added boost make a public commitment so you can further increase the accountability. 
  • Take Action- Show up everyday. Be clear in your commitment but flexible in how you get there. Adjust as needed but keep the momentum moving forward. An object in motion stays in motion.


Book Recommendation

Genius Foods by Max Lugavere

Podcast Recommendation

On Purpose with Jay Shetty

Things I'm Trying

Reducing my eating window: I’ve been trying to be more strict with my eating window. Time restricted eating (restricting your food/drink consumption to a specific window each day) is a proven method that can prevent disease, improve metabolic health, and promote longevity. Eating within an 8 hour window seems to be the sweet spot for sustainability and health benefits. I’ve been aiming for an eating window of 11am-7pm.  

Kyle’s Quote Of The Week

“Do the best you can do, given the context you are in and more often then not you will win.”